Don't get up for Chair Yoga for the Wheelchair Bound

Okay, now I’m officially hooked. The 17 mile cycling and spinning is great for my cardio-vascular training (even better for my thighs and tushy) but now I’m totally Hooked on Yoga. That’s right, last week we gave all our employees a special treat. I handed out a stack of gift certificates that I designed myself that read in a perfectly chosen font:

The PERFECT Stress Reliever

As our way of saying “thanks for all your extra hard work” during these economic and STRESSFUL times, we are offering each of you a package of Five (5) one hour yoga classes,

Compliments of

Oh the joy and happy faces that followed! We all shuttled off to our Yoga field trip and left our troubles and stresses far behind (if you missed the play by play on our Yoga journey, check out There's No Place Like Om). My employees were happy, I was happy, and all of our muscles felt insanely good.

chair yoga 3.JPG

It got me thinking about my own Mom. I’ve blogged on numerous occasions regarding the fact that she’s an amputee, a breast cancer survivor and now, a recent lung cancer patient in a wheelchair. My Mom has neck and back pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, even her pains have pain. While I was reciting my "Oms" during our class I thought about Yoga and how it would benefit my Mom. She could really use some serious stretching techniques that she can do while sitting in a chair.

I spoke to the local yoga studio where I took our office and the owner referred me to an instructor who specializes in Chair Yoga. I signed up and we were off. It was wonderful. I completed the full 45 minute session with Mom with every exercise and movement performed while sitting on a chair. It was truly amazing. My Mom felt more relaxed and stretched out than she has in a very long time, and I felt great knowing that we could share a quality experience exercising together (that didn't involve me spinning myself into oblivion).

This is an AMAZING gift you can give to your loved ones who are wheelchair bound as well as your aging parents who get tired out from standing too long.

I'm printing out new Yoga certificates for Mom tomorrow.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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