The Customer is always right on the money

I just read an interesting article the other day claiming that Poor Customer Service practices are more of a deterrent for continued business than raised prices. It is customary for most companies to focus mainly on price points, price points, price points when they should be focusing on service, service, service. From a business standpoint, spending a little time honing your CRM- Customer Relationship Management skills, is time well spent.

At some point in our lives, we've all experienced being put on hold for an hour, cradling the phone for so long we forget what we wanted in the first place. We've waited until 4pm, wasting away a glorious afternoon waiting for the repair technician who promised he'd be there by eleven. We've tolerated that snooty sales clerk who would rather chat on her cell or file her nails than help us. Once we've been treated in such a manner, do we go back for more? No, we do not....unless we're sado masochistic and secretly love the torture and the disrespect.

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At we believe that exceptional customer service is the key to success. If our customers and clients aren't happy, we're not happy. If one of our merchants complains (which rarely happens I assure you), we make it a point to solve the problem ASAP, hopefully by the end of the business day rather than waiting until New Years.

In fact, we go to the extreme even when it comes to answering the phones ... we refuse to use automated phone menus and annoyingly cold services. You'll never hear that condescending robot lady saying "Thank you for your patience, our next operator will be available shortly" or "For English press one, para en EspaƱol marque el numero dos". When you call us you get a LIVE person with a pleasantly soothing voice, a beating heart, a college education and a sunny disposition. Every time.

In short, when it comes to customer service, you'll be treated like royalty at That's just how we roll.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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