Yoga for beginners - There's no place like Om.

As a special treat, my husband and I decided to gift our overstressed team of employees with gift certificates for 5 free yoga classes at our local yoga studio. Last week was the first class, a restorative yoga for beginners where we all had the chance to bond over candles, lavender essential oils, bolsters and our varying levels of flexibility.


How did it go? It was enlightening.

We had the chance to roll around like happy babies, get intimate with bolsters, experience healing light shooting out of our heads, and at one point I swear the lantern lamps kept changing colors...probably because of all the good cosmic karma we were emitting. I can only speak for myself, but I was in a state of pure relaxation without a care or stress in the world invading my blissful utopia. I'm sure some were thinking about lunch the entire time, but I can't help wondering what else was going through the heads of our employees...

If I had to wager a guess, I'd say these were the top 10 random thoughts swimming through our Team Yoga minds...

1. "Does this bolster smell like hot dogs, or is it just me?"
2. "Does it make me less of a man if I accept the lavender essential oil?"
3. "Did that snap come from my body or my neighbor's?"
4. "Is that my phone interrupting everyone's quiet moment?"
5. "Maybe that Moon over my Hammy breakfast from Denny's wasn't such a great idea..."
6. "Dude, she's flexible."
7. "I knew I should've gone to the bathroom before we left."
8. "Are you crazy lady? I don't bend that way."
9. "When does our new insurance policy kick in?"
10. "How come Nigel didn't have to come?"

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