Let's talk about sax baby

[Warning: Boasting Blogging Mom Alert]

So get this, my ingenious elementary school aged son was just invited by his saxophone teacher to perform in a special Holiday Concert this weekend featuring Middle School aged orchestra members! That's right, my son is so musically inclined that he gets to play with the big kids, literally.

I ordered my little virtuoso a dapper little mini tuxedo from Puddles Collection's adorable selection of formalwear for kids, and can't wait to see him up on stage showing the bigger kids how it's done. Maybe I'll even get a special VIP backstage pass since I'm technically "with the band".


I can't say I'm surprised. I used to play John Coltrane for him back in the days when he was still in my tummy, not to mention the countless lullabyes I serenaded him to sleep with. No one does "Rock a Bye Baby" as well as I do, no one.

How wonderful is it when we as parents have the chance to enjoy our children's special achievements! I was beside myself when my daughter received her black belt, and when my other daughter painted a masterpiece for her Dad on Father's Day. I am just as thrilled to see my son excel in yet another arena. Yep, America's Got Talent, and they're all living under my roof!

I will make sure the video camera is fully charged along with the digital camera so the concert will be fully Memorexed. Who knows, my boy might even be posted on YouTube under the heading Sax Phenom.

I'm thinking of ordering him a set of jazz CD's from Rediscover Music so he can rock along with his sax and make sweet music at home. Better yet, maybe Mommy and Son can take this gig on the road!

I'd better brush up on my song list. It's been awhile since I belted out those lullabies.

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