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Despite the current financial crisis, it is reported that E-commerce is continuing to thrive over holiday mall shopping. A little over $16 billion dollars was spent online annually during the late 90's with the figure drastically climbing to a whopping $220 billion in 2006. This year it is estimated that consumers will be doing at least fifty percent of their holiday shopping online.

I am one of those consumers. I enjoy the luxury of avoiding the crowds and overpopulated parking lots and actually look forward to completing all of my holiday shopping online every year. Shopping online is usually easier, faster, more cost efficient, overflowing with better Online Shopping bargains and free shipping deals, not to mention the fact that comparison shopping is so much easier online offering a wider variety of products.

It is not too late for holiday shopping! Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed us by, but there is still plenty of time for hungry shoppers to fill their online shopping carts especially with expedited shipping, tracking and gift wrap services available.

As an entrepreneur and a fellow business woman, I beseech all online retailers to take a moment to make sure all of their E-commerce sites are fully functioning and ready to avoid these common online shopping snags:

Internet retailers, avoid these Holiday Shopping Pitfalls!

- Make sure all promotion codes and savings offers are in tact

- Be confident your servers are secure

- Don't hide return policy information

- Don't force customers to register and recall 5 year old passwords

- Stand by your estimated shipping date

I suffered from a few mishaps during my holiday shopping excursion online with a few sites forcing me to register, recall old passwords, fill in unnecessary information, etc. I had a similar Wine Catalog Incident a few months back, and when I brought it to the company's attention, they immediately made revisions to their systems and improved their web site's ease of access.

During these holiday months it is dire to make things as easy as possible for holiday shoppers rather than presenting hurdle after hurdle for consumers to jump over. Consumers will not tolerate this! Especially during these desperate times. Holiday shoppers are logging on to your site for an easy, pleasant and rewarding experience. They've done their part, now it's time to do your part by ensuring that your customers continue to come back year after year for your unparalleled selections and exceptional stress-free services they can't find in their local shopping malls.

Twenty-two shopping days are left which leaves customers more than enough time to tackle their entire Christmas or Hanukkah list, or just to round out a few last minute odds, ends and stocking stuffers. It shouldn't get any easier, especially when online stores are open twenty-four hours a day.

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i am sooo an online shopaholic, and i really miss Florida!! lol

thanks for the info. i love doing comparison shopping. sometimes i even compare the comparison shopping engines. there are some great deals out there this season.

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