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Recently, a newly appointed employee of one of our merchants - The Himalayan Institute received an invoice from and had no idea who we were.

When he called to inquire, he not only spoke with accounting directly, but he received his answer ASAP, and spoke with the President who explained the entire program to him step by step. He hung up before we had the chance to bake him a pie. Naturally, he commented on our exemplary phone answering techniques and customer service skills.

phone skills2.JPG

After reading my blog last month on how The Customer is Always Right on the Money he commented:

You and I should open a company together! I agree with everything you say there.
It seems that a lot of companies are engaged in what I call “Sales Prevention”

Thank you kindly Sir! I couldn't have said it better myself. Top customer service is paramount in our current economy, and those that excel above and beyond the call of duty will surely reap the long term benefits of good, solid business relationships.

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