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You might remember a business oriented blog I wrote earlier this month, detailing how our company has made our own list of New Year's Resolutions for our Business.

From a business standpoint, has taken many new directions for the New Year. I'm actually in the process and throes of interviewing Public Relations firms and doing mega research on figuring out exactly what to look for when hiring a PR firm for your company. Even though I've worked for ad agencies and PR agencies in the past, that was twenty some odd years ago and I'm learning that times have certainly changed.


What does it take to get some good PR in this town?

I found it very interesting to learn that in today's market, the current PR trends have shifted to a focus of blending the traditional avenues of print and media (newspapers, magazines, tv and radio) with online media. The new media revolution is upon us and there's no stopping it. The World Wide Web has changed it all for the better and the new and improved reinvention of PR has been dubbed Web PR 2.0.

The media landscape is now wide open and not only centered on traditional media, but keeping a watchful eye on the ever evolving blogosphere where we have the opportunities to publish and share information to communicate more directly with our audience, touching our customers directly.

We've had meetings with several PR agencies and are continuing our due diligence in finding the perfect PR 2.0 firm for us.

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