Look Ma! I'm a Woman Blogger to Watch

A friend just forwarded me this link, and thank heavens to Betsy because I had no idea I made the list of 101 Women Bloggers to Watch for 2008! Honest to Blog, I am so thrilled right now I feel like my blog just got a big old gold star plastered on it.

I'd like to thank all of the members of the Academy for this honor, my husband, my kids, my Mom and all of my blogging subjects past and present. Whether I dissed you or praised you, you gave me plenty of material to blog about, so you deserve a big shout out. I'd also like to thank Heidi from WE Magazine for Women for including me on such a fantastic list of strong female voices.


I'm a tad disappointed that I didn't make the list for 2009, but it's only going to inspire me to pump up my blogging confessions for the upcoming year. Congratulations to all of my fellow female bloggers to watch from 2008 and to those new bloggers on the block to watch for 2009...

...and make room for me ladies, because I'm topping the list of Female Bloggers to Watch for 2010 {fingers crossed}!

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As a fledgling freelance writer and stay at home mom of five, I came across your blog during my daily search for something more. I think you are hilarious and thought I'd tell ya. I thoroughly enjoy a good chuckle and appreciate it when people comment on my articles, short stories and poetry. I'll be back for more.


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