Kapla catalogs take the prize for best holiday gift for kids

Right before the holiday break I blogged about my favorite children's gift purchased this year, a set of 200 Wooden Kapla blocks that allow a child to build all of the structures of their dreams.

When it comes to kids, you never know how a gift is going to go over. Sometimes they love it, sometimes it gets thrown at your head. More often than not, I find myself standing in line at the mall the day after Christmas begging for store credit. How ecstatic was I to see that my Kapla blocks totally lived up to all the hype, and then some!

Kapla 2.JPG

After some internal debate I chose to give the set to my youngest boy, thinking his older sisters would think they were both too advanced and high falutin' to play with building blocks for kids. To my surprise, the Kapla blocks weren't just a hit for my son, they were a hit for the entire family! Even my husband got in on the Kapla building action. Like a can of Pringles, we all got the fever for the flavor of some Kapla.

Suddenly my son's simpler starter structures were pushed aside to make room for new and advanced three dimensional creations. My kids have joined forces to construct the Eiffel Tower and dozens of other architechtural wonders of the world. The best thing about Kapla is, the building never ends. Unlike other building sets or puzzles, once you've created the final structure you're done. Where's the fun in that? With Kapla the creations keep coming and coming as long as their imaginations give way. Infinite play. Ingenious.

My only beef with Kapla? When I logged on to the Kapla website to get another set of blocks, (so my kids could build simultaneously in peace) they were out of stock!

Restock guys, restock. Mama needs her Kapla.

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There is an American made version of KAPLA called KEVA planks. Made from maple. Same size and precision. KEVAplanks.com

Lots of interesting project ideas on the website.

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