New Year's Resolutions for a Company - How to improve your business every calendar year

It's 2009 and we're all sharpening our pencils and making out our never-ending lists of New Year's Resolutions. Lose 5 pounds, drink more water, give to more charities... It's an endless cycle, but one most of us embrace every year as a chance to better ourselves.

On a personal note, I'd love to find more time for Yoga and spinning, go greener both at home and at work and spend more quality time with my family and friends. Easy list, right? But as a business owner, my New Year's Resolutions are a bit more cardinal and complex.

Last week, right before we popped the champagne and set out to enjoy our New Year's festivities, our top management at sat down for a corporate strategy meeting to step back and analyze what we did right and what we did wrong in 2008.

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We're all looking forward to moving ahead and improving business with a new calendar year that gives us in essence, a clean, fresh start. It's great to applaud your achievements, but don't get stuck only patting yourself on the back and reflecting on the good. You have to dissect and take the good along with the bad while learning vital lessons from your mistakes in order to achieve true personal growth as a company.

Figure out what new goals will benefit your business to the fullest extent - from drafting new goals in advertising and marketing to increasing or decreasing your staff volume and finding ways to maintain and capture new market shares. It is dire that we maintain an aggressive business strategy during our current economic climate. Like the survival of the fittest, those who are passive will perish - especially amongst our clients, you just can't afford to lose market share.

Some of the changes we've decided to implement include paying more attention to which new clients we take on and who we give credit to. We're also going to take a stronger stance with collections, not allowing an ounce of leniency when it comes to missed bills and payments. No invoices will slip through the cracks on my watch, that's more Mrs. Nice Guy.

On a more positive note, with the arrival of the New Year it's not only smart but exciting to announce that here at we plan to present new programs, launches and other intriguing projects you will be sure to look forward to. Redesigning websites, launching new sites, and updating product lines instill passion and enthusiasm not only for your customers and clients, but for your employees and staff as well. I know we're very excited.

Happy New Year and here's to continued success in 2009, from our company to yours.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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