Bombshells the Musical - I laughed my piehole off

I took a trip down south last week to the Actors' Playhouse in Coral Gables to see a play that has still left me in stitches.

Bombshells the Musical is based on the true story of The Miami Bombshells, a circle of six perfectly imperfect women who grew from stressed out strangers to lifelong friends. By airing their dirty laundry once a month for two years through laughter, tears and unbreakable spirits, they found support in one another through all of life's trials and tribulations from love and family to sex and secrets. They even wrote a book about it called Dish and Tell that highlights the true power behind their female bonding.

It all started with Pat. Patricia San Pedro was the original Bombshell who brought together 5 female Miamians and virtual strangers who had never previously met - 4 Jews and 2 Latinas began to gather once a month religiously despite their religious differences for tasty helpings of wine, chocolates and therapeutic dumping sessions where they could get together, enjoy each other's company, and dish it like it's never been dished before.

dish and tell the miami bombshells.JPG

What a novel idea! Imagine, forming your own support group and saving thousands of dollars in psychotherapy co-payments while you rack up sincere, unbiased feedback from women who don't know you from Adam or Eve, so their opinions are completely sincere and unbiased. Good times and bad times were both played out on the stage with more women's issues a-blazing than in any issue of Ladies Home Journal or Cosmopolitan. From ragging on in-laws and kids to health scares, parental deaths to lesbian experiences, it all came out.

It wasn't all tears and hardship though. My favorite comedic moment focused on a single mom of 2 who invented an innovative sex toy while simultaneously zipping through 27 nannies. She discovered how easy it was to forget her troubles simply by putting her childrens' Vick's menthol patches directly on her hooha. Cleverly named the "Pie Patch", all 6 actresses excused themselves to try on their pie patches in private and when they returned, the pie patches hit the fan. All 6 ladies enjoyed their patches with orgasmic results that were ten times more hilarious than any old pie in the face bit.

Pat, the Bombshell founder and originator dealt with her biggest bombshell when she was diagnosed with cancer, eventually undergoing a double masectomy. Pat along with 2 other real-life bombshells were actually in the audience on the night I was there. Seeing her there in the flesh with her hair just beginning to grow back was the highpoint of the evening.

It made me want to reiterate as I have in the past, the true power of girlfriends and sisterhoods. Men come and go, kids grow up and head off to college, but your girlfriends (both old and new) will always be there to help you clean up and pick up the pieces, no matter what bombs come crashing through your shelter.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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