Scanalog your catalogs with the magazine cataloging system

A friend sent me an article recently about this new Must-Have Mommy gadget, the Scanalog.

Picture this scenario. You tear a page out of the new Chadwicks catalog of a dress you're totally going to buy once the recession is over, then you snip a recipe from an issue of Martha Stewart Living that you'd like to try for Thanksgiving '09. You follow up by ripping out an exercise regime from a fitness magazine that you want to incorporate into your workout the next time you hit the gym. The ripped out pages go into a pile and mysteriously disappear when you go looking for them. Similar to the way socks curiously get lost in the dryer, your torn out pages get lost in the Bermuda Triangle of your home.

Sound familiar?

Say goodbye to clipping articles and tearing out pages from catalogs and magazines that you'll never find again. The Scanalog is a CD-ROM software system you can use to store, catalog and retrieve your favorite articles from all of your favorite magazines and catalogs. With 11 master categories that cover a range of women’s interests, from Home Decoration to Gardening, you'll find the perfect place to store your article so it'll be easy to find later.

scanalog software.jpg

My question is, why stop at just magazines and catalogs?! Considering all of the various items I've accumulated over the years, I would LOVE this. I have recipes that I’ve been saving for 20 years, and with 3 kids and every single school project, report card, award, honor, etc, it would be an absolute joy to have them all scanned and saved in a neat folder taking up RAM, instead of square footage in my garage. Currently I have 6 enormous 3 x 2 foot Tupperware garage storage containers filled with all of my kid's memorabilia, and the pile is only growing. Come to think of it, the Scanalog would also be great for storing financial statements, home receipts and other important documents that need to be organized.

There is only one caveat to this breakthrough device. Who, in all honesty, has all that time to scan??? If I were a stay at home mom with nothing to occupy my time… then maybe I'd turn it into a fun hobby, scrapbooking and scanning my day away, but I know how long scanners take and there is no way that I would have the patience to stand and scan through those 6 enormous boxes of memories. Now I have a grand idea… let’s hire a high school student to do all of the scanning grunt work, then I can cut, paste, move and organize everything exactly the way I want it.

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