Stressed over a Stress test

I'm stressed.

I run a successful business.
I have three kids.
Stress is my middle name.

Because of my family history of heart problems, my doctors suggested I have a stress test. When I announced this to my kids, my oldest daughter yelped out:

"Oh no Mom, you're gonna fail!"

Thanks for the vote of confidence sweetie. At first I laughed, but it made me think...are stress tests more stress than they're worth?


After doing my research on WebMD on Heart Disease and Stress Tests I felt a little more prepared for my Super Stress Examination. Apparently I'll be walking/running on a treadmill and pedaling away on a stationary bike so doctors can monitor me and how my body responds to exertion. That doesn't sound so bad. No more stressful than a day at the gym.

Hold the phones. I just read the section on how to prepare for my Stress Test -

1. I can't eat or drink anything except water for four hours before the test.
2. I can't drink caffeine for 12 hours before the test since caffeine will interfere with the results.

So let me get this straight. You're taking away my coffee and making me exercise on an empty stomach?!

I've got news for you Doc. You might want to hook yourself up to those monitors as well, because dealing with me early in the morning for a strenuous workout while withholding food and my beloved Starbucks is totally going to stress you out.

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