PJs to work, yay or nay

One of my employees came in to work in his pajamas yesterday. In all fairness, he was working on a Sunday, but I couldn't help but giggle at the sight of his Jumpin Jammerz pajamas with feet.

Pajamas blogging.JPG

Don't we all just wish we could go to work every day in our pajamas? We'd enjoy the comfort, the warmth, the ease of trap-door behinds during bathroom breaks... The thought may seem luxurious at first, but I for one enjoy getting dressed up for work in the morning. It prepares me for my day and helps me gear up for all of the mental tasks I have to face. Besides, would my employees or clients really take me seriously if I showed up in a robe and bunny slippers or a schmata to work?

If we all wore our pajamas to work there is no doubt that our total work volume would decrease...we'd be spending too much time napping and cuddling our teddies.

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