The Key to Saving Money - Just Ask

In a blog last week I brought up how I might have missed my calling as a financial adviser. I was giddy from lowering my American Express Credit Card fees and was now on a roll. A savings roll.

For years our company has used the same telephone provider for our business telephone system. We have it under an extended warranty for our two systems that we pay for every year, religiously. It's a service we won't do without, fortunately, since we went down a few weeks ago and were fully covered saving a whopping $1299.

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I had already saved a bundle, but was itching to save more. When it was time to renew our extended warranty, I decided that during these tough economic times, I could do better. I asked to speak to the National Sales Manager and explained that I had 2 phone systems with them, have been a loyal customer for many many years and wanted to know in a nutshell, what was the best they could do for me. Like in The Godfather, I wanted them to make me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Apparently, I asked the right question. She dropped our price by $200, $100 for each system. Which just goes to show you, if you want something...all you have to do is ask. The worst they can say is "No". Which reminds me...

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