Making a Camp Packing List and Checking it Twice


It's barely Spring and I just received my “required packing list" for my daughter's Summer Camp. I know, I've blogged about this before, but every year seems to get progressively worse. The following list is more extensive than my last Hurricane Preparation List. Seriously, are they packing for Summer Camp or a year with the Peace Corp? Any Mom will tell you that packing for sleepaway summer camp is No Camp Picnic, just take a look at what I'm dealing with....


Bath Towel (4)
Wash Cloth (2)
Laundry Bag (2)
Blanket (1)
Pillow (1)
Sheets (2 twin fitted & top sheets, bunk if avail.) (2 sets)
Pillow Cases (2)
Short sleeve sport shirt, T-shirts or blouses (18-20)
Solid white blouses or nice camp shirts (3-4)
Solid white or light khaki Shorts/Skirts/Slacks-outfits (2-3)
Shorts (14)
Jeans (2)
Underwear (16-18)
White Socks (12-15 pr)
Rain Boots (1 pr)
Sneakers (2 pr)
Shower/Pool Clogs (1 pr)
Light Weight Jacket/Wind Breaker (1)
Raincoat and Hat/Poncho (a MUST) (1)
Long Sleeve Shirt (2)
White T-shirts for tye-dying (3-4)
Sweatshirt (1)
Pajamas (4 pr)
Bathrobe (1)
Beach Towels (2)
Bathing Suit (4)
Sleeping Bag (a MUST) (1)
Duffel Bag (1-2)
Flashlight & Batteries (1)
Sun Hat (1)
Comb (1)
Hair Brush (1)
Tooth Brush (1)
Soap (1)
Soap Dish (1)
Shampoo & Conditioner (1 of each)
Shower Basket to hold shower items in (1)
Kleenex (1 box)
Feminine needs for girls
Stamped Envelopes or Postcards (Plenty)
Plastic Drinking Cup (1)
Canteen (1)
Pens, Pencils (2-3)
Sunscreen (1 bottle)

Optional Items:

**Camera & Film (If child desires to participate in Photography Elective, a 35mm camera and film are needed)
Baseball Glove
Hiking Boots
Extra Pair of Eyeglasses
Extra Pair of Sunglasses
Musical Instruments
Tennis Racquet
Leotard and / or Costume
Safety Pins
Swimming Goggles
Rollerblades / Skates & Safety Equipment - (Helmet, elbow, knee, and wrist pads)
A small battery operated fan
Deck of cards


At least I have to help me through it all. I've already linked a bunch of items I've already ordered.

Only four-hundred-twenty-three more to go.

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