Here comes the bridal shower

I have a wedding shower coming up, and was preparing myself for another afternoon filled with old antiquated activities like mummifying the bride-to-be in a toilet paper wedding gown. After checking my email, I was pleasantly surprised when I received a list of fiesty Newlywed-like questions in my inbox - a list of queries related to the bride and groom-to-be i.e.:

Where was your first kiss?
What does he/she keep on his/her nightstand?
Who is his/her celebrity crush?


Holy matrimony, what fun! If you're having a couples shower where guys and gals are both invited, have the soon-to-be-newlyweds answer these trivia questions beforehand and print their answers out on cue cards in true Newlywed game form! If you're having a gals only shower, the groom can be videotaped beforeheand, or he can answer on speaker phone at the actual shower so he's really put on the spot! Get your guests involved by having them guess how many answers they think the bride and groom will match! Whoever comes closest wins, while everyone else wins in the laugh department.

Make the sample questions as sweet, simple or zany as you like. From questions about their in-laws-to-be to how many dates it took for the bride and groom to do the horizontal mambo, if you're planning a bridal shower for a sister, cousin or best girlfriend, this hilarious quiz is a prize for any bridal shower game roster.

I'm even thinking of sending it to my husband for our Anniversary. Any bets on how many answers we'll get right?

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