Who didn't let the dogs out?

It’s a Sunday afternoon and my 2 favorite people in the world are sitting beside me at a wedding. They happen to have a humongous Bouvier - the most gorgeous dog in the world, who incidentally just happened to have suffered from an explosive case of disgusting diarrhea all over their magnificent gorgeous home right before they left to join me at this joyous occasion. Need I tell you how pissed the wife was (she inherited the monster beast as a “package” with her second husband). It was either take us both, or don’t take us at all.


Anyway, how could my two best friends NOT know about Pet Doors USA? I am siding with the dog … when ya got to go, ya got to go. But on the other hand, as I so shyly pointed out, that if the dog-gone dog/beast/size of a black bear had been properly trained in the first place, he should be howling by the back door barking with a sub-text that conveys “Let me out … I have the runs.”

So dear Leslie comes to the rescue. I recommend Pet Doors USA and tell them both this is their wedding anniversary gift from me to them …

Think of it as spending a few hundred dollars on a pet door and SAVING marriage counseling and SAVING all the money it would cost for valium and other sedatives (not to mention a professional cleaning crew that will need to de-stink the house).

My anniversary gift had better be good.

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