Spa'ed and spoiled on Mother's Day

This is my post Mother's Day post.

I hope all of my Mommy blog followers had as wonderful a Mother's Day as I did. I was spoiled by every single member of the family and there's even more pampering to be had.

Today I'm decked out in an ensemble that I've already received a handful of compliments on, thanks to this bejeweled Berkeley Top my husband picked out especially for me from the Soft Surroundings Outlet. I'm also wearing an exquisite necklace also chosen by my loving husband, and a fun summer top that is in my fashion queue ready to wear for tomorrow. Damn, he has good taste.

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My eldest daughter paired her creative juices with her eco-awareness and created a special homemade spa package filled with nourishing items for my entire body, all made from items found right in the fridge and pantry! She found recipes on the internet for rejuvenating, natural spa products including oregano and basil soaking bath salts, bubble bath and an exfoliating hand and foot scrub that is too good not to share:

Ingredients for Strawberry Hand and Foot Exfoliant

4-6 ripe Strawberries
1 tsp of Coarse Salt (you may use sea salt or kosher salt)
2 tbsp Olive Oil
4 Almonds (with skin)

-Grate the almonds, finely Mash the strawberries. (Avoid using a blender because the strawberry mixture may become too watery.)

-Add the salt, olive oil, and almonds to the mashed strawberries. Mix well. Store in a glass jar and refrigerate. This mixture stays good for about 7 days, at the most.

Apply the strawberry exfoliating scrub, evenly, to your hands and feet. Leave it on for about 3-5 minutes. Massage your hands and feet with gentle but firm, rotating movements for about 2 minutes.

Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

My middle daughter followed her sister's lead in the pampering department with a handmade gift certificate she crafted out of construction paper for a professional mani/pedi at the salon of my choice. Perfect! I can make an appointment as soon as my strawberry hand and foot scrub runs out. Was that sweet or what?

My youngest, not to be outdone by his sisters picked out a beautiful gemstone pendant all by himself and made sure beforehand that I had a proper chain in my jewelry box to wear it on...always thinking ahead.

With gifts this great, I vote we celebrate Mother's Day biannually.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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