The Dog ate our Homework - Middle School finals adults can't pass

Can you keep up with middle school kids?

My office employees and I are getting F’s.

I recently challenged 2 highly educated co-workers (holding a BS in Business Management/Accounting and a BS in Business Economics) and myself (with an MBA in International Business) to take a test that my daughter was recently given in middle school. My two co-workers (and I) all got F's! It wasn't our finest hour, and the three of us all felt like we were rejects from an episode of Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

The test in question was for a geography final. The examination was administered on-line, with the teacher, literally standing behind my daughter's back peering over her shoulder as she was forced to mouse over the correct answers. Not only was the test ridiculously difficult (as my co-workers and I will gladly attest to), but she was not allowed to fill in the answers that she knew, and then come back to the ones she didn’t know. She wasn’t allowed to erase and change her mind after thinking about it. I question if computers should be used, at all, in administering tests. They inhibit a child's natural test taking strategies and instincts while adding even more unnecessary anxiety.

Do YOU know every freakin capital in every country in Asia? Go ahead, I dare you to identify all of these capitals.

My co-workers and I, could not.

Personally, I am fed-up with the amount of homework and the difficulty levels of the finals kids are given today, and really question if this much “busy work” is necessary. My daughter is coming home with 3 – 4 hours PER NIGHT of homework, and furthermore... is knowing the capital of Laos (which is Vientiane, FYI) really that important when you're in middle school? As of yet, she hasn't decided to major in East Asian Studies and is too young to head to the Far East to build houses for Habitat for Humanity.

It's been a tough year and I will be so glad once summer comes and all three of my kids can say Sayonara to school.

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