Highlights from the IRCE Conference

The team spent this week at the IRCE conference and here are some of our thoughts -

  • Attendees more pleasant at the IRCE than other shows - maybe everyone's extra nice because we all need business in this down economy
  • Social marketing is THE hot topic (yea, I know you already know)
  • Companies who have the most ostentatious booths seem the most unhappy
  • Our sleeping puppy "Click" was a hit - and freaked out a few people
  • Attendees were very interested in talking to us about Internet experiences and retail experiences - from the guy in the elevator to the person in line buying coffee

irce 2009 conference.JPG

  • A very interesting group for Women in E-commerce had a gathering, recruiting new members
  • There is a big push for the development of mobile applications on iphones and other mobile devices both here in the USA and in 2nd and 3rd world countries, where the mobile phone is the only form of Internet available abroad - hadn't thought of it like that
  • Great cast of keynote speakers, including Brian Galloway from REI and CEO of NetElixer, Udayan Bose who keyed us in on secrets of capturing ethnic market share by focusing on different, more relatable buzzwords
  • Musician Hut's E-commerce expert and President Eric Archuleta's had some positive views on the catalog industry - Catalogs will always have a long shelf life that is so much more valuable than a quick Twitter post or search
  • Had a great opportunity to meet some clients of Catalogs.com for the first time including Appleseed's, Mrs. Beasley's, Debby Burk Optical, Casual Male and more of our leading merchants
  • Well worth the investment – very pleased with the turn-out. We'll be there next year.
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