Landed PR feature story in technology – Is Public Relations paying off?

So just secured two major victories in the fight for FREE exposure (and no, I’m not talking about the exposure from a man in a trench coat).

Take #1: just secured our first live TELEVISION spot for NBC-6 (aired in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale markets).The Saturday Morning Show featured us on their Father’s Day Segment, where we displayed several cool and interesting Father’s Day gifts on a long 8 foot table. Hours and hours and hours of time was spent securing the products, writing the description/copy, practicing for LIVE television, consuming an entire Saturday morning taping, and then shipping back the products.

End result:

Zero spike in traffic to, both during the day and after monitoring the entire weekend of traffic.
pr buzz.jpg

Take #2: just secured our first full page feature story in a regional paper covering Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, the South Florida Business Journal. Headline read "Weston company succeeds by driving traffic to traditional retail catalogs".

End result:

1. Lots of wonderful “blasts from the past” from old co-workers, friends and associates wishing us Congratulations and continued success.
2. Inquiries from businesses who wanted to sell us fancy plaques with the story and masthead showcased.
3. Only one (1) potential NEW client lead from a catalog company based in South Florida, (but in all fairness, the story did only break a few days ago).

Questions that Remain:

· Can local and regional media exposure be the “stepping stone” to secure major feature articles and live broadcasts on a national scope?

· Will national exposure build enough brand awareness to break-even against our costs?

These tough questions will need to be weighed at the end of our fist six (6) months with’s first public relations agency encounter.

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