Laptops for Flat Tops Giveaway - A Patriotic Cause for America's Patriots

I'm a sucker for two things - a good giveaway, and a good cause.

So I was completely psyched when I heard that the online retailer,, was launching their second Laptops for Flat Tops Giveaway that gives military families a chance to win two state of the art laptops fully equipped with webcams to help improve long-distance communications while their loved ones are serving America the beautiful.

laptops for flattops.jpg

After phenomenal success with their first contest in April, is even more excited to salute our American soldiers by giving them the means to actually see their family's smiling faces while they are stationed thousands of miles away. The winner from April’s contest, Heather Woolf exclaimed -

“This means so much to us—especially for our 6 year old daughter. Just being able to see his face makes us feel more connected.”

Personally, I think this a fantastic cause. I, myself, have had immediate family members in the military and wish that “the internet” and webcams had been invented way back when they were serving. My first uncle (my mother’s brother) speaks 7 languages fluently and has served in many overseas missions. He retired as a Colonel in the Army intelligence division and served in both the Korean War and Vietnam. He has lived all over the world, how wonderful it would have been to see his face and wish him well all those times he was far, far away.

The second contest goes live today, June 1st, so sign up for that Laptop for your Flat Top today.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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