Bargain Postit notes - Make your co-workers lol with every memo

As I was searching for office supplies and back to school items (I like to get started early), I stumbled upon a strange yet comical item that I just had to share.

Bargain Post-it Notes

As a result of today's economic challenges, we have all come to love leftovers, especially when it's my prized brisket, so American Science & Surplus is extending the love of leftovers to office supplies.

How much does the average business spend a year on bright yellow squared post-it notes? Office Depot charges $37.89 for a Postit pack of 24...add that up amongst x number of employees and that's a lot of dough being spent on post-its.

These Bargain Leftover Post-It Notes are not only a great steal of a bargain, but they embrace the current eco-philosophy to waste not, want not.
bargain post it notes.JPG

These post-it note sheet pads were pharma-giveaways to promote a breakthrough Rectal Gel.

Yes, I said Rectal Gel. You got a problem with that?

These post-its are dirt cheap, who cares if they come with a side order of advertisements for some butt cream on them? The larger 4" x 6" fifty sheet pads are a buck each and say "Stop the seizure. Fast." , while the smaller 2-3/4" x 5" pad reads "Protect what Matters" at $1.95 each. Both sets feature a memorable little fire extinguisher logo, giving users the subliminal promise of rectal relief as well as economic relief.

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