Camp Care Packages – Your kids will be the coolest in the camp bunk

Two of my kids are off away at summer camp, and you'd think I'd finally be able to enjoy a mini-Mom break, but alas, I need to pack two separate care packages to send to camp. Just what I need, a schlep to the post office with my son in tow, waiting in line to ship two heavy boxes. These care packages had better be good.

I pride myself on being an original, so packages filled with candy, suntan lotion and swimming goggles just won't do. Fortunately for me, one visit to American Science & Surplus helped me fill an entire shopping basket with crazy, wild, wacky and totally original camp items that will no doubt become the hits of the cabins.

camp care packages.JPG

If your kids love crazy and fun stuff, take a look at a few of these goodies. The prices are incredible, and some of the product descriptions are absolutely PRICELESS.

1. Stretch Caterpillars - Kooshy elongated insects that stretch up to lengths of ten feet. Sure to keep their minds off of those killer camp mosquitoes.
2. PigaPults - Don't worry moms, this pigapult flings only tiny pink plastic pigs, not full-grown porkers (little piggies sold separately).
3. Whoopee Cushion - The American classic of novelty items, thinking of getting some of these for the office...
4. Intravenous Blood Slime - Marked as Gross O-negative. If you want your kids to grow up to be doctors, they've gotta start somewhere.

camp care package gifts.JPG

I also found a handful of musical instruments including Kazoos, Slide Whistles, Screecher Horns (great gifts when your kids are far away from home), Pocket Fans, Glow Stick Balls, Invincible Bubbles and Glow in the Dark Body Cream for when your kids really want to stand out.

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