I Can See Clearly Now - Designer Eye Glasses that have Pizzazz

One of our favorite contacts from Debby Burk Optical recently sent us a few gorgeous pairs of designer specs for us to review for our Will it Sell video series and I have to admit, these remarkable spectacles from the Pizzazz Collection have created quite a stir in our office. All of the ladies loved them, but not nearly as much as the men.

pizzazz glasses.JPG

Our employee Nigel fell in love with the Pizzazz Multi-Brown frames that are only $59.95 and feature a unique and sparkly camouflage crystal pattern layed over the entire frame. He was shocked to discover that he could see clearly out of them and even remarked -- direct quote here folks:

"I like the rhinestones".

If you love them too, check them out on a soon to be released Will it Sell review, and vote for a some other featured Catalogs.com products while you're at it.

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