Ikea catalog - Catalog living room from yesterday and today

I just stumbled upon this really cool blog called Core 77 that featured a photo taken of the pages of a 1965 Ikea catalog.

By looking at the furniture, it seems like a cool, modern day den that is from today’s era. Just check out the living room spread from the newer Ikea catalog of this millenium. It's not that far off, except some slight color variations and the addition of the flat screen television.

ikea catalog then and now.JPG

Strange how styles do a 360 degree circle over time. Just like fashion, 20 years earlier, popular skirt lengths would travel back and forth from short skirts to long, to mid-calf, then back again to the long.

It just goes to show you - Whether it's clothing or furniture, if you hold onto something long enough, it will always come back in style.

Except maybe for shoulder pads.

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Wow, those are two incredible rooms. I absolutely love the second contemporary style. Which one do you prefer?

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