Why a woman should wear Donald J. Pliner Shoes

It was only recently (about 2 years ago) that I decided to ABSOLUTELY SPLURGE on a pair of Donald J. Pliner shoes which I bought. With the average cost around $300 - $400 per pair, I previously never considered wearing them. I’m embarrassed to say, I can be just as happy with a comfortable pair of low heeled Naturalizers for $89.00 (or so I thought!).

Now I realize, probably 99% of my personal girlfriends own several, several pairs of Donald Pliner shoes. However, I am not one to typically lavish myself with unnecessary expenses. One could say I am frugal and thoughtful about how I spend my money. In fact, I always said I would rather give a charitable foundation $2,000 extra instead of buying myself a Prada purse or four pairs of Donald Pliner shoes.

What have I been missing my whole adult life! Can I tell you seriously that EVERY single time I wear these shoes, I must get a minimum of three ooh’s and ahhs from other admiring women.

donald j pilner shoes.jpg

This morning, I attended a Women’s Executive Circle, where 24 female executives were gathered in one conference room on the 15th floor of a downtown office building in Ft. Lauderdale. In attendance were presidents of corporations, business owners & entrepreneurs, partners in law firms and CPA firms, and other highly successful full time working women. The criteria to be “invited to attend” this exclusive circle of professional female leaders include 1) the desire and commitment to empower other young women 2) to employ high-impact philanthropy to strengthen our community 3) to employ innovative mentoring techniques to help mold the next generation of business leaders and 4) most importantly – to give generously through philanthropy.

Ask me what I wore? A stunning Tahari deep lavender business suit with a pleated skirt, along with a wrap around lavender & hot pink & black knit blouse, and of course, my Donald Pliner shoes. One after the other, I received compliments on my SHOES. Why is this “sometimes” important?

1. As an executive (male or female) you need to dress the part. I may be old school in saying so, but if you dress poorly … no one will take you seriously for advancements. Even though neckties and bowties are not as widely required in the workforce, there is nothing as seductive as a well-dressed man, wearing an Italian cut suit, button-down crisply pressed white dress shirt with solid gold cufflinks.
2. Dressing well (especially in a sales or business development role) will give you a boost of confidence that is unmatched.)
3. Others will take you more seriously.
4. Others will LISTEN more attentively to what you have to say.
5. Others will attempt to come over and meet you or strike up a conversation.
6. And most importantly, it just FEELS GOOD to pamper yourself and feel that you are worth every cent you paid.

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