The Power of Testing

"How often have you heard, “Making small, minute changes can dramatically effect a company's Return On Investment (ROI)?” Heard it and done nothing. We're a perfect case in point. We've been on the web running a website for 13+ years and have never tested once. Nothing. Why? Hmmm, not sure - maybe fear? Maybe ignorance? Maybe we were just too comfortable where we were. But after much prodding from a Google Analytics consultant we've recently started working with - we finally took the plunge.

So we embarked on our first multivariate test using Google Website Optimizer to see if some small changes in our site could actually make some big differences. (read about the test results in Google's Official Blog) And after a few months what did we find?

Sheepishly, we found we'd been missing the boat. Something as simple as changing the words on call to action buttons could give us 10%+ increase in customer response rates. Whoa. Say that again? 10%? Who would have thought? With our eyes now open, is a testing fiend. Currently we're in the midst of two follow up tests and have plans to continually test and refine the visitor performace of our site.
computer testing.jpg
My advice for ALL companies on the internet … invest in testing. Regardless of whether your company has a strong or weak technology department, it's worth the endeavor into some type of response rate testing. You may find that your current web pages are perfect as they are, but chances are you will be able to improve your response rates through just a few A/B or multivariate tests. And in todays economy, who wouldn't want an extra 5%-10% more sales.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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