8 tips for BLACK FRIDAY shopping

#1 Create an Excel spreadsheet BEFORE shopping. – It is mandatory that you prepare and review a detailed list prior to purchasing, so you ensure that you have allocated enough money from your savings account to buy and shop for everyone on your holiday list, and to make sure no one is left out. Organize as follows:

1st column -- list names of people to buy for
2nd column -- state a budget (give a realistic $ range of what you want to spend)
3rd column – list ideas

#2 Avoid all crowded shopping malls and long lines by sitting in front of your computer at home, shopping online.

#3 Time is one of our most precious commodities – remember that you can save, on average, about 6 solid hours by shopping online in the comfort of your home, curled up with a glass of wine or hot chocolate and listening to your favorite tunes.

#4 Allow yourself to be creative, browse through hundreds of online catalog sites and continue adding to your idea list on your Excel spreadsheet. Copy/paste the name of the catalog/website’s URL so that you have it easily accessible from your Excel sheet.

black friday shopping.jpg

#5 Learn to stay within your given budget and DO NOT go over your budget. Especially with our economy these days, money is tight, so use it wisely. Look for special savings offers.

#6 Organize your purchases. Be sure to PRINT out the order confirmation page after placing your online order, then place all receipts in one file folder. As the packages arrive at your doorstop, inspect the merchandise and then make a note on each receipt that the order has been received.

#7 Get Savings Certificates – look for Free shipping and percentages off of merchandise. Shop wisely online and you can save a ton of money AND avoid crowded malls, long lines, pushing and shoving from nasty consumers.

#8 Simplify your life by enjoying more at-home family time. Put a tray of raw, frozen chocolate chip cookies in the oven to bake as you shop online. Notice how calm, serene and appreciative your entire family becomes – all because you avoided BLACK FRIDAY.

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