Giggles, laughs and ever lasting friendships!

There is nothing as precious as life-long friendships.

How many of us are lucky enough to boost, brag and revel in friendships that began in the 3rd grade? Or other friendships that began in college and continue to last 20++ years?

friendship beach.jpg

I am one of those extremely lucky gals. Four of us just spent a weekend in October reminiscing, giggling, laughing, crying, joking, eating, drinking, dancing and giggling (did I mention that already?).

There is NOTHING as special as spending time with old buddies, when you have no reservations about spilling your guts, or telling one another the most intimate thoughts. An equally amazing feat is when year after year, you know that you can speak your mind and be convinced that no repercussions will occur and that no one will think poorly of you, or differently. Friendship that is everlasting is invincible. And I, personally, know that I’m extraordinarily blessed to have such dear friends.

As we left behind 3 husbands, 9 children, and a ton of responsibilities for three blissful nights, our departing words summed it up … “Paybacks will be hell, but it was well worth it.”

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