Tiger Woods Bad for Business?

My opinion on the whole Tiger Woods debacle is this - It's bad enough that he cheated on his wife who he has fathered two children with setting a bad example for fans, sportsmen and young people, but from more of a business standpoint, he didn't even take into account the list of multi-million dollar corporations who have invested in him and his squeaky clean image.

From a sponsorship standpoint, high profile companies are looking for people who have good ethics as well as a sense of family values to represent them. They are paying for a positive image and want a role model who has a clean slate holding up and supporting their merchandise. By Tiger having one, two or three indiscretions (who knows anymore, they just keep coming out of the woodwork, don't they?), I wonder now during the aftermath if he believes that any of it was really worth it.

From what I have read, Gatorade has dropped him and I'm sure alot of other sponsors are thinking twice now because they want to make sure they have a respectable figure representing their product.

Not only did Tiger screw his wife by allegedly screwing other women, but he has also screwed his future business prospects in the process.

In other words, his head wasn't in the game.


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Hollywood saying, "There is no bad press, just make sure you spell my name right". What name you ask? I reply, "Augusta".
Billy Payne the club director distanced himself from Tiger, as published in several newspapers today. What happens in 5 days when he looks at the viewer stats and finds this Masters has been the most viewed Masters of all time. (My prediction at this point).
The brain trust at Nike and others know this, and have already set thier budgets for it.

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