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This morning my male colleague was clueless.

“Haven’t you been following the hilarity?” I was incredulous.

The twitter around the unfortunate name for Apple’s iPad has the women in the office giggling. It’s such an ewww-how-could-they moment that we have to roll our eyes.

“I don’t get it,” my male colleague insisted.

Does it bother me when some asks for a legal pad? Is it uninviting to visit a friend’s bachelor pad? Irksome that the space shuttle departs from a launching pad? Bothersome to roll my mouse over a mousepad?

Not really, but the iPad is somehow just a bit off.

Maybe it is the combination of letters, with the emphatic capital “P.” Or the little “i” that precedes it, suggesting a hip new code phrase for “that time of month.” I am certain that a focus group of everyday women, who buy electronics as well as other girly stuff, would have pointed that out.

The gender split on reaction to the name of Apple’s iPad is strikingly obvious in the office. The women get it, and the guys don’t. This is what must have happened at Apple. The guys just missed it.

I am eager to experience the iPad, though, and to add my praises to those surging through the tech news. The large, lightweight screen and the bright graphics are tantalizing. The iPad will do for recreational web surfing what the laptop did for business, I heard this morning. That’s a tall order.

I will adventure in the iPad world. I think it will be perfect for stretching out on the sofa with my social Web sites open and music downloading. And I will skip the heating pad.

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