Would you Blog, Twitter and Facebook a personal e-mail?

For a quick moment I didn’t know what I was looking at: an e-mail from someone in my office framed with a high-tech black and red blog header and a dapper gentleman’s photo. There was our company name and links and our employee’s name.

A news alert found the mention of Catalogs.com in a blog post. The blogger had copied the entire text of an e-mail received from one of our marketing people, and pasted it into his blog: greeting, body and signature line.

The e-mail is a thorough, detailed follow-up for a sales call made by a Catalogs.com marketer to the owner of a specialty clothing company. Nothing to be concerned about: the e-mail is nicely written and represents our company professionally. And although it sits a little off center that someone would post the entire context of a private email in a public forum, and ask for business input from his readers, we are not particularly concerned. We will watch for responses. Monitor the action, if there is any.

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Then, we found that this blog feeds to the prospect’s Facebook fan page. And there is our Catalogs.com marketer’s e-mail on the Facebook wall. With comments from fans. Again, nothing to worry about, but a real awareness raiser.

Jeffrey Rohrs writes this week in DMNews , “A main point is to remember that any media that connects you with customers online is social. One thing that people tend to forget is that e-mail is a part of that machine. It's easy to forget that of all the sharing happening online, 50% of the sharing is happening through e-mail.”

Jeffrey is on target, and it is also important to remember that e-mail as a social connection can be forwarded, posted and shared across many forums. When cultivating your social media presence, don’t forget that every electronic communication is part of the chain.

I’d love to hear your comments. Would you use the text of an e-mail - other than a client testimonial – in your social media content?

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