"Happy Blogday" to me. And a shout out to Chris Brogan, "I'm In"

I have been digesting Chris Brogan’s blog post, My Love For Blogging, from last week. It is a great post. Meaty. Challenging. Inspirational.

I don’t usually print what I read on the Web, in the interest of being Green and sensible. Chris’ post, though, I printed, and then sat with a pen, and read, making squiggly underlines and little arrows, like I used to in school.

Chris says that the love of blogging – and for Chris, it really is a love, a passionate love – is why he has been in the game so long. He encourages bloggers not to “abandon the chance to express.”

I can breathe easy on this one: I’m celebrating a major milestone today … it’s the 4th year anniversary of my blog, which began on MovableType on March 16, 2006. Some of my best posts have been typed in the middle of the night, or dictated into my hand-held Dictaphone while driving. I’ve enjoyed blogging about life as a “mom”, as a wife, as a female entrepreneur, and a caretaker to elderly parents. I’ve been focused, lost focus, gotten back into focus. It’s a work in progress; I’ve blogged with passion and sometimes with obligation.

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My blog stats read “This blog has had 338 entries posted to it since its inception.” In the past three months, I’ve posted 22 times. That means that 6% of all my posts have been in the last 90 days. I am not a daily blogger, but I’m working on consistency.

I am in awe of certain bloggers who write, like Chris does, “all the time.” I love to read Penelope Trunk. I am amazed by Seth Godin's ability to say little profound things. I smile at the title of Josh Hanagarne’s blog, “The World’s Strongest Librarian,” and it’s bookmarked in my reading tab, too. I’ve got 30 plus blogs bookmarked. These are Bloggers (capital "B"). I know the difference.

Chris’ business is social media and online networks. I love his passion and his writing and his vision. He says that his blog is his home base. That makes sense: in the kind of work that Chris does, what could be more powerful? I have been thinking about the concept of a home base.

With the focus of a marketer, I have been taking inventory of my social media efforts: multiple Twitter accounts, my blog, columns for online news outlets, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I use Twitter for different things: promoting our clients, sharing news, sending updates and a very small sprinkling of communication, the “@” stuff. Facebook is “professional personal” – kind of like business casual – with a Fan page added into the mix. I write short columns on internet marketing for Examiner and other news outlets. On LinkedIn, I am making my professional profile richer, locating my business colleagues and reaching out.

What is my home base? As much as Chris inspired me, and I want to find a place in social media that is my passion, intuitively I know that my home base is my office – it’s our multiple urls and websites, managing financial and HR issues, dealing with salesforce and databases. It’s all of those pieces that come with the business of running a company. I have 650 clients to service, employees, freelancers and I have payroll. I have a family – kids and a husband – and a life that keeps me very busy (gym, cooking, philanthropy, caretaker).

For business people, who are bloggers - not capital B Bloggers - I think that all of the social media tools are outposts. Even their blogs. Even my blog. Because no matter how passionate I want to be, there is no great American novel in my blog.

I am striving to share my expertise on marketing and my decades of experience in online retail, and to be available to my current clients through a shared forum (this will be my LinkedIn) and to merit the attention of colleagues as well as potential clients.

As a marketer, you never stop learning, and I am beginning to see the huge value in social media – any return on an investment that is free – is a win.

I’m in.

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