What's in a name? America by Mail and Catalogs.com

We started our business what seems like a long time ago, in 1994. Then, we were in the traditional direct mail industry. Our business was print catalogs. Retailers printed catalogs, consumers received catalogs, and mail order was big. America by Mail was a great corporate name. America by Mail said exactly what we did.

In business, and especially in internet businesses, things change quickly. Business owners have to evolve with their industry, adapting procedures and always adding skills. They also have to make certain that their business name reflects how their business changes.


In 1995, we were exploring the internet and considering how it would change the focus of America by Mail. In 1997, we recognized the value of the internet for generating catalog leads, even though “lead” was not yet a term. America by Mail was set to evolve, as was our business, and in 1997, Catalogs.com was created. Not a new corporation, but a name-makeover.

Catalogs.com spoke very directly to the way that the internet was impacting the catalog retail industry, and spoke to how we were poised to leverage the internet in our business.

What’s in a name? A lot. Do an annual assessment of what your company name says about your business.

Is your name working for you?

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