School Band Gig at the Florida Marlins is not this Mom's Gig

marlins-home-game.jpgMy daughters, along with 300 of their school band members, played The National Anthem at a Marlins baseball game last week.

This was a big event, a televised national sports team gig. The girls, even though they could care less about baseball, were excited because they love playing their respective trumpet and clarinet. Their younger brother was excited to be going to the ballgame. Their dad was excited to watch his daughters on the field.

As for me, well …

You see, I’m not a huge baseball fan, actually not much of a baseball fan at all. And the five minutes of watching my two talented girls play their instruments among 300 other children, in the middle of a huge baseball field held up against three hours of baseball in the sun-cooked bleachers had a rather sobering effect on my enthusiasm for any type of evening with the Marlins.

At home, we discussed and delegated. The band engagement at the Marlins game became a “dad gig.”

For a moment, while I was getting my manicure and pedicure with a friend -- right before I headed to my coveted four-year-strong Literary Luscious Ladies book club, I had a twinge of guilt. The I-should-be-there-to-support-my-kids kind of guilt. At the nail salon, I asked if the manager could tune to the game. The televised coverage did not include our school band’s rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. I didn’t see the girls, with their uniforms and the black tennis shoes I ran to purchase the previous evening.

The first ball was thrown. The teams took the field. Nine innings loomed.

My guilt was fleeting. My nails drying. The book I was prepared to discuss engrossing.

I had made a good call, splitting responsibilities along the lines of talent, enthusiasm and skill sets.

In parenting, and in business, you have to make decisions. Delegating is an art, as is recognizing talents. There are certain things that I do very well, and that I truly enjoy working on, and others that are better delegated to those whose abilities best ensures an excellent outcome.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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