Wireless Aircard Disaster Almost Sidelines My Presentation

How can my entire life revolve around a 3 inch x 1 inch plastic and metal piece of technology?

I am PANICKING. I lost my wireless aircard for my laptop and the clock was ticking … our company (me, specifically) had a major presentation to give in a conference room off-premise. frustration.jpgOf course, I was relying on my wireless aircard to reveal our spectacular website’s newest feature to a potential new client, and I needed to access the Internet.

I lost it (both the card and my temper).

I turned the house upside down, pulled the cushions off the living room couch, looked under the beds, dumped the entire garbage can and began sifting through the trash. Dumped my computer bag upside down, opened all the zippers and pockets and reached deep inside each crevice. I went so far as to call my office and had my assistant crawling on all fours around my desk, thinking perhaps I left it at the office and it fell off my desk.

Frankly, I had no clue. I was about ready to burst into tears when my youngest daughter noticed my frustration.

She calmly asked, “Mom, let me look.” And with that, she reached her tiny, itty-bitty hand deep inside my computer bag and found the wireless aircard stuck between the smallest pocket and the lining of the case.

My lesson was learned: Always put your valuables in a SPECIFIC place, don’t take short-cuts and throw it somewhere because you’re rushing. Stop, think, and be consistent.

In the long run, it will save you time and sanity.

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