The girls have a friend with a great sense of humor at Title Nine

Yesterday I was looking for a friendly spot for the girls, somewhere with some support, with some style, and a sense a humor.

Not those girls … you know: those “girls.”

I ((bounced))* my way to Title Nine’s brilliant digital catalog, which offers lots of smart and sassy copy, as well as some beautiful and seriously supportive solutions for the girls.

melon bra.JPG

I clicked my way through the snappy descriptions of real bras for real bodies and the alphabetical list of familiar nicknames … bouncing bettys • cowabungas • dolly partons • dynamic duo • honeydews • oompaloompas … you get the gist, and I had to keep flipping the pages while I giggled. The "brabell" rating system with support-indicating yellow barbells and the photos of lemons, lollipops and old-fashioned milk cans are genius.

Yes, “gravity be damned!” Title Nine is a gal – a team of girls, I would guess – after my own heart. I was torn between the “7-Wonders Bra," the “Mae West” (wanted for built-in support) and the Booby Trap (“When nothing short of a lock down will do for our runaway girls, … there’s no escape from this maximum security bra”).

I am looking for “nice lollies” -- a friendly keeper for my twin peaks. And I absolutely LOVED and appreciated a little humor in the process of finding just the right bra.

The Title Nine creative team knows that a digital catalog isn’t just created with good technology. They know that even though they are working in the digital world, catalogers still have to excel in the kind of creative art direction that makes a print catalog -- any catalog -- a “good catalog.” Snappy copy, inviting graphics and compelling layouts connect with catalog readers and convert them into customers.

I agree with Title Nine, “Whoever said ‘less is more’ probably didn’t have big boobs” (that’s from page 36.)

I’m waiting for my package. My large package. I ordered like crazy because I was having fun. Whoever said “less is more,” certainly wasn’t shopping Title Nine’s Wunder-wear.

*Title Nine reminds us: Bounce (bouns) v. to move along in a lively manner, repeatedly striking the surface below and rebounding.

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