for iPad is Flying Around the Social Web

This is such an exciting time to launch a new business or product. Fourteen years ago, when we first started, there was no Twitter, no YouTube, no blogs.

What an amazing comparison I am doing as the whirlwind of tweets and online reviews and rankings for the for iPad app keep popping up on my laptop. And my iPad.

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Friendster, the granddaddy of social media, started in 2002 and morphed into MySpace, which peaked in 2006 and was almost passe in 2009. Facebook began facilitating networking, reunions and brand marketing in 2004. YouTube was created in February 2005. Twitter started chirping in 2006. The term "weblog" was coined in 1997, one year after became a company. Back then, none of these fascinating media tools were around to help us spread the news of our new venture,

How much different it would have been starting a company - especially an internet company - today. Monday (today) has been an "all-hands-on-keypad" day, with our for iPad app news and reviews spread and shared more quickly than I can hit "refresh."

It is incredibly energizing - and exhausting - to collect and analyze feedback on a new service or product. Even more so when it comes in the "real time" made possible by social media. With a touch of the screen, we can chart the ranking of for iPad in the iTunes store. The data is instantaneous, constantly updating, and it's addiciting.

If you're not with it, you are really missing out. This is great fun.

Do you remember starting a business or introducing a product pre-social media? What change impresses you the most?  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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