Feedback and Comments Build Better Mousetraps

My daughter has been working on the classic "invention," assigned by her engineering teacher: build a better mousetrap. However brilliant I think her invention is (and it is ... she is talented), I don't think we're going out for a patent. Someday, someone will get there however, with feedback, comments and criticism. That is how creative minds work: they are open to new data and suggestion.


Feedback, comments, stars, likes (thumbs up or down) … even though it is inevitable that opening yourself up to input almost ensures that some will be negative, it’s important to hear what your users, fans, competitors and critics have to say.

Is it a bad thing to look forward to bad comments? In business, I am so used to assessing feedback from a wide range of sources that I find myself searching for negative feedback.

I've come to a conclusion: this is a good thing, not a bad thing. Negative comments are actionable – they challenge a business to assess, learn and listen. Criticism inspires creative thinkers to get the kinks out.

For example, we are thrilled with the for iPad’s four and five star ratings, the complimentary reviews, and the #1 rank in free apps in the Lifestyle category, but one or two (okay, maybe more) critical comments have us brainstorming ways to make our product the best shopping experience for the customer and the best marketing experience for our retailers.

Good entrepreneurs embrace criticism and are never afraid to move from one great idea to the next – greater – idea.

What forums have you found best for capturing constructive feedback?  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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