Decorate by catalog: HGTV's design blogger says they're "Great"

I love lists that promise the “Top 10,” “Not-to-be-missed,” or “Year’s Best.” If a reviewer recommends a resource that brings something new to my attention, I am thrilled.

It’s especially valuable when a reviewer couples their list with insight that is particular to their industry and expertise.



I am intrigued with Brian Patrick Flynn’s list of “Eight Great Decorating Catalogs.” Like Flynn, I am a big fan of decorating catalogs. I too find that many catalogs are as attractive and inspiring as home magazines. That’s not a stretch for me, I’m an undying catalog lover. I have a pile of home decorating catalogs that I keep, along with Architectural Digest and House Beautiful.

I like Flynn’s suggestion that the key to successfully designing with catalogs is to spread your home decorating budget around different stores. Just like most people wouldn’t purchase an entire room – furniture, pillows, knickknacks and books - off the floor of a furniture store, it’s not good practice to buy everything from one page in a catalog.

A few of Flynn’s "great" catalogs are already on my list. Two are also on, so I am especially proud that these catalogs made the “8 Great” list. The Company Store is my go-to solution for bedding, and was my first choice when giving my kid’s rooms new looks. I look at Lamps Plus often, too, because I think that the perfect lamp really “lights up” a room in more ways than one.

What could be more fun than amassing a long list of decorating resources? In addition to the great catalogs on Flynn’s post on HGTV’s blog, take a look at all the home décor catalogs at

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