Lights! Camera! ... iPad! ... Action!

I haven't had this much fun in years. We wanted to do something really creative and fun, with a sense of humor, to promote the for iPad app.

Especially at this time of year, when gift givers were thoughtful enough to fill wishes for iPads. And iPad owners are having fun finding great apps for their new toys.

A video was the obvious answer. Something that we could put on YouTube and spread around the net. Being budget conscious, we decided to be good sports and take on the leading roles. The script would be minimal, and we could write it in-house. We have plenty of friends who helped us set up scenarios for a few silly skits.

We laughed a lot, and got the video done with much less pain than I expected. What a great marketing tool -- this is the way for small businesses to go. I learned a lot, and discovered that doing video also has a lot to do with intuition ... from "Take 15" to the editing room and deciding when to cue the background music, the entire process was fascinating. We really got it. It was a great follow-up to the months and months of long days and nights brainstorming for iPad, developing the app and planning our marketing efforts.

And we really didn't do too badly in our acting debut, either!

Watch the video below and see if you can identify the actors:

Another thing that we all learned is that it is good not to always take everything too seriously.

"Easily incited to laughter" is a great core competency.

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