Is email marketing dead? Talking email at EEC 2011 in Miami

Next week, I'll be considering whether email marketing is having a harder time cutting through all the noise.

I am sitting on a panel of email experts presenting "Changes, Innovations and New Strategies for Email List Growth."

I have been busy pulling together the material that I will be contributing: contests, newsletter sign ups and social media activities. We've come a long way in 14 years of growing our email list. It's much, much harder to reach people's email boxes just because of the sheer volume of competition. Add spam filters and the need for professional list management, and email marketing today calls for new strategies and flexibility.

I am intrigued by a side conversation on email marketing we've had in the office.

Someone abruptly declared "email is dead." (I'm not naming names.)

Someone else shared an email they had just received from a retail store: "Don't look for our newsletters in your inbox any more. We're going social, to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter in a two-way conversation. Join us!"

While the EEC panel will focus on evaluating email strategies to figure out what's working and what's bombing, I'm hearing a little buzz that things are really changing.

What is an email really worth to an email marketing company, if it's not worth anything to its owner? Most of the people I've canvassed confess that they have at least one email address created just to receive their "junk" emails - newsletters, contests, sweepstakes, lists.

What do you think?

Come and say hello at the session "Changes, Innovations and New Strategies for Email List Growth" during EEC11 in Miami, Florida!

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