Thumbs up for marketing that leverages the power of nostalgia

While everyone is trying to think of the next social-savvy venue to engage readers, or to stay more than just one step ahead of the tech curve, the most brilliant marketing move may be to leverage the power of nostalgia.

Nostalgia is a way of associating images from the past with feelings of well-being. Nostalgia is good. It makes people feel happy, even in a workplace setting.

Have you ever taken a tangent down "memory lane" with a co-worker, with reminisces of bicycle messengers, telecopiers and correction tape in your typewriter? (I'm showing my age on this one ...)

Combine my love of catalog shopping and my workday of catalog marketing, and imagine the volume of mail that I receive. Here's a visual: I travel with a rubbermaid bin.

If something stands out in my bin, it's got to be good!

Today I received an excellent specimen of attention-getting, feel-good, nostalgia marketing:


Remember these?

It looks like an interoffice envelope, but it's not.

This magazine mailer is a standard envelope, printed on two sides to look exactly like a string-tied interoffice envelope. It's photorealistic perfection.

Inside the envelope is an industry catalog promoting IT services. Brilliant … it feels personal, immediate ... important.


This is not a new idea, but when executed well, it's not particularly complex or expensive, and it's extremely effective. The next time your creative team is trying to think of something new, try thinking of something old. The power of nostalgia is strong.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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