Smart e-retailers grab shoppers where ever they shop

I have been so focused on digital catalogs for the iPad and the desktop that I was surprised by the new 2011 catalog from Dennis Kirk. It's a CD.

Dennis Kirk hires us for lead generation. Shoppers on do request Dennis Kirk's big, 1" thick catalog - I know because people in the office get Dennis Kirk's big paper catalog. But when we generate names to build Dennis Kirk's opt-in list, the company can market to those potential customers in any number of ways.

That's why getting Dennis Kirk's CD in the mail made me look twice. The CD was unexpected, different in a good way, and felt "new."

The CD accomplishes exactly what we tell online retailers to implement. Provide shoppers with many options to access your products. Guide them to your website. Print a catalog - or series of mini-catalogs. Send an email newsletter. Build a digital catalog that is optimized for every device: iPads and smartphones.

Remember that each of your marketing tools should promote your brand consistently. All your marketing efforts should offer the shopper other ways to browse and purchase your merchandise. From your website, feature your digital catalog. From your print materials, show your website address. From your CD, offer easy links to your website.


The CD from Dennis Kirk does this seamlessly. It is simple to click from the Dennis Kirk CD to their website. But if I didn't have an internet connection, I could still shop ... like on long plane trip.

And the CD is easy for me to pass on to a friend, much more convenient than the huge catalog.


And don't worry that one of these will "steal" business from your other marketing efforts. In the end, it's all about your product, no matter where people land and how they prefer to shop.

It's about giving all kinds of customers what they want. This is the oldest rule in selling, right?  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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