Phone voice message tips: getting that call back

A friend of mine shared a post on leaving effective voice mail messages from CEO Marc Cenedella's blog "Stones." My colleague read the post and thought of us immediately - he knows that our marketing specialists spend the entire day on the phone. Almost everyone at wears a headset to keep their hands free while "power calling" their way through the day.

There is nothing - well, almost nothing - more frustrating than making call after call and leaving voice message after message. Except, of course, not getting a single returned call. What kind of message gives you the best shot at a call back?


Our marketing team is talented at selling and consulting, and they start by being talented at actually getting calls back when they leave a phone voice message.

Inspired by Mark's blog post, I did a quick survey of what works here, in real time:

o Keep it short and very clear
o Don't overdo an explanation of the reason you are calling - curiosity is a motivator
o Keep details concise
o Express a time frame for the return call
o Follow up with an email
o Let them get their pen ready: say, "Again, my number is ..."

It helps to pace your speaking by writing what you are saying while you leave your name and phone number. Write your number down while you say it.

Plan your phone message before you make your phone call. I have to remind myself to know exactly what message I will leave if the person I am calling doesn't pick up, before I place the call.

A voice message should be confident and friendly, not hasty and unorganized. The tone of your voice can make all the difference in motivating a return call.

One of my personal "musts" is to return phone calls promptly. Often the calls are from people I don't know. What kind of phone voice message works for me? If I can understand clearly the name of the caller, and if they sound ... well ... friendly, then I am more likely to pick up the phone.

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