What is a Linkedin click worth to you? Loai bets $1

Have you, even for a minute, doubted the power of social media for your business?

As of this afternoon, one of Loai’s bosses is into him for over $24,000. I bet he (or she) is a Linkedin convert now. And I’m not a proponent of betting in the workplace.

Loai Marji posted a status update three days ago:

“I have a bet with one of my bosses today. He thinks that using Linkedin is a waste of time and does not see the benefit. So he has agreed to give $1 for every like/comment I get. Considering I have 800 connections I reckon I will get $550 out of this. ” so your help guys

That’s the power of networking. I am connected to Loai in the 3rd degree. That means that 27 of my direct contacts on LinkedIn are connected to other people, who are connected to Loai.


I clicked “like” on his update, and I left a comment. (Note to Loai: $2 came from me). I even clicked through to see what his company does – that’s free marketing.

Now Loai’s status update is on my profile page, which allows my 600+ connections to see it, which should also be worth a few dollars.

That is the power of social networking, and the fun of seeing a great idea go viral.

Do you know Loai?

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