Of rings and wrenches: Sears perfect holiday image

I love the holidays. Not all the craziness at the malls, or the over-stretched schedules or the just-one-too-many parties, of course.


What I really love is holiday advertising. I look forward to the sparkling, snow-sprinkled, green and red catalog covers. I love the festive website landing pages. I actually open all the creative newsletters and sales ads that fill my email box. I really appreciate the creative effort that goes into making a retailer's holiday shopping message stand out. The "season" is the perfect time to step up branding.

On Facebook, I saw Sears' "How to Gift" ad, with a diamond ring hanging beautifully on a wrench.

Brilliant! This is, in my view, the perfect holiday image: simple, to-the-point branding. It says, in crisp text and clean pictures, that Sears is the place to shop for everything, from jewelry to tools.

I'm watching for more wonderful holiday advertising. Let me know what impresses you this season!

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