What (really) not to buy on Black Friday

If you have your car gassed up, your lawn chair ready and your shopping-mall-warrior-gear laid out, you may think you know where we are going with this.

Every shopping expert is offering the same list of what not to buy this Black Friday. In an effort to save you heartbreak in the aisles, and buyer's remorse as the December holidays actually do get close enough to touch, these items get the big "no, no" for Black Friday shoppers:

Toys - unless they are something that is likely to sell out it's best to wait until closer to Christmas
Premium brand electronics - prices on these are often slashed even more after the holidays
Christmas decor - prices on these are less after Christmas
Jewelry and watches - any time of the year is better than during the holidays
Winter apparel - cold weather fashions go on sale in January
Designer bed linens - a bedroom makeover is best undertaken during January White Sales

Ho. Ho. Hum.

We put our shopping experts to work to get you a list of what you really, really shouldn't buy on Black Friday.


  • 2012 Calendars
  • Next year's Thanksgiving Turkey
  • Mitt Romney for President t-shirts
  • Saint Bernard puppy (he's non-returnable)
  • Mail order wife or husband
  • I ♥ Santa tattoo
  • Cases of Hostess twinkies

Have something to add to the "really, really" do not buy list? Let me know.

And if shoppers really want to know if it's worth braving the crowds and the cold on Black Friday, I say skip it. Entirely.

Shop online. Cheers to Cyber Monday!

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